VFI True On-Line Double-Conversion 3-Phase UPS System

  • Provides fully regulated sine wave AC output for critical data center, LAN/WAN and distributed server room applications
  • +/-1% output voltage regulation in online and battery modes
  • 1.0 unit power factor offers 20kVA/20kW output capacity, allowing for more connected devices
  • Supports 380/220V, 400/230V or 415/240V at 50/60 Hz in continued operation
  • Wide input voltage window (228–477V) minimizes battery use and prolongs battery life

Reliable Battery Backup with Expandable Runtime

  • Supports half load for 33.4 min. and full load for 14.3 min. with standard internal battery
  • Zero transfer time suitable for advanced network applications
  • Expandable runtime with optional external battery packs, such as Tripp Lite’s BP480V09
  • Restarts automatically after lengthy power outages

IGBT Inverter Technology

  • Produces output power with 1% THD to keep connected equipment functioning at its peak
  • Low <5% THDi input rating and advanced IGBT rectifier enables 1:1 generator sizing, eliminating costly oversizing requirements for generators, breakers and cables

Paralleling Capability

  • Connect up to 4 units in parallel configuration for fault tolerance or increased capacity up to 80kVA

Automatic and Manual Bypass

  • Allows maintenance without removing power from attached loads
  • Increases system reliability

ECO Mode

  • Operates at efficiency levels as high as 98% when input line conditions are favorable

Optional Network Management Card

  • Optional WEBCARDLX (sold separately) with the latest version of PowerAlert Device Manager firmware (PADM20) provides enhanced remote management capabilities
  • PADM20 and PowerAlert Element Manager (PAEM) form a powerful tool for expanding maintenance functions in large installations, including firmware update checks and backup and restoration of device configurations

Communications Ports

  • DB9 port enables data-saving unattended shutdown when used with Tripp Lite’s Power Alert software (available via free download at www.tripplite.com/poweralert)
  • EPO port supports emergency shutdown in large facilities

Single, Compact Cabinet

  • May be installed with either single or dual AC sources for increased availability
UPC Code 037332186737
UPS Type On-Line
Rated input current (Maximum Load) 36.8A (220/380V) / 35.2A (230/400V) / 33.8A (240/415V)
Nominal Input Voltage(s) Supported 220/380V 3-PH Wye; 230/400V 3-PH Wye; 240/415V 3-PH Wye
Nominal Input Voltage Description 3-Phase Wye, 4 wire (L1, L2, L3, N, G)
UPS Input Connection Type Hardwire
Input Circuit Breakers 40A 4 pole breaker (415V)
Input Phase 3-Phase
Output Volt Amp Capacity (VA) 20000
Output Capacity (kVA) 20
Output Watt Capacity (Watts) 20000
Output kW Capacity (kW) 20
Power Factor
Crest Factor
Nominal Voltage Details Factory default output voltage is 230/400V
Frequency Compatibility 50 / 60 Hz
Frequency Compatibility Details Automatic frequency selection
Output Voltage Regulation (Line Mode) +/-1%
Output Voltage Regulation (Economy Line Mode) +/- 10% of nominal voltage
Output Voltage Regulation (Battery Mode) +/-1%
Output AC Waveform (AC Mode) Sine wave
Output AC Waveform (Battery Mode) Pure Sine wave
Nominal Output Voltage(s) Supported 220/380V 3-PH Wye; 230/400V 3-PH Wye; 240/415V 3-PH Wye
Output Receptacles Hardwire
Individually Controllable Load Banks
Full Load Runtime (min.)
14.3 min. (20kW)
Half Load Runtime (min.)
33.4 min. (10kW)
Expandable Battery Runtime Supports extended runtime with optional external battery packs
Expandable Runtime Yes
Expandable Runtime Description External battery pack wiring is contractor supplied
External Battery Pack Compatibility
DC System Voltage (VDC) +/- 240VDC
Battery Recharge Rate (Included Batteries) 10 hours from 10 to 90%
Battery Replacement Description Hot-swappable, replaceable batteries
Voltage Regulation Description Online, double-conversion power conditioning
Overvoltage Correction
Maintains continuous operation without using battery power during overvoltages to 477V (3-phase, 4-wire, wye), reducing output within 1% of nominal
Undervoltage Correction
Maintains continuous operation without using battery power during brownout/undervoltage conditions to 228V (70% load); 300V (100% load)
Front Panel LCD Display Front panel LCD with scroll and enter buttons offers display of UPS operating mode, plus voltage and frequency information; LCD also reports a variety of alarm conditions such as Short circuit, Inverter fail and Over temperature; Supports English, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish language options
Switches ON button turns UPS inverter on. OFF button turns UPS inverter off. LCD Display Control Buttons browse through and select items displayed on LCD screen. EPO (Emergency Power Off) button turns UPS output off and disables Bypass output
Alarm Cancel Operation Power-fail alarm can be silenced using alarm-cancel switch
Audible Alarm Alarms signal a variety of operational conditions: low-battery, overload, shutdown, bypass and more
LED Indicators 4-LED Display: Displays normal AC input, on battery power and fault conditions
EMI / RFI AC Noise Suppression
AC Suppression Joule Rating
AC Suppression Response Time
Primary Form Factor Tower
Cooling Method Fans
Installation Form Factors Supported with Included Accessories Tower
Primary UPS Depth (mm) 841
Primary UPS Height (mm) 1,400
Primary UPS Width (mm) 490
Shipping Dimensions (hwd / cm) 164.08 x 72.39 x 101.09
Shipping Weight (kg) 399.98
UPS Housing Material Steel
UPS Power Module Dimensions (hwd, cm) 139.95 x 49.02 x 84.07
UPS Power Module Weight (kg) 362.87
Operating Temperature Range +32 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit / 0 to +40 degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature Range +4 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit / -20 to +40 degrees Celsius
Relative Humidity Up to 95%, non-condensing
AC Mode BTU / Hr. (Full Load)
AC Economy Mode BTU / Hr. (Full Load) 1394
Battery Mode BTU / Hr. (Full Load)
AC Mode Efficiency Rating (100% Load) 95%
AC Economy Mode Efficiency Rating (100% Load) 98%
Operating Elevation (ft.) 0 to 3280 feet, but derates 1% per 328 ft above 3280 ft
Audible Noise Less than 55dBA at 1m front side
Operating Elevation (m) 1000 METERS FOR NOMINAL POWER (OVER 1000M THE POWER DE-RATING IS 1% PER 100M)
PowerAlert Software Available via free download from www.tripplite.com/poweralert
Communications Cable DB9 cabling included
Communications Interface DB9 Serial; Slot for SNMP/Web interface
Transfer Time
No transfer time (0 ms.) in online, double-conversion mode
Low Voltage Transfer to Battery Power (Setpoint) Maintains continuous operation without using battery power during brownout/undervoltage conditions to 228VAC (70% load) / 300VAC (100% load). Below this point, output is maintained utilizing reserve battery power
High Voltage Transfer to Battery Power (Setpoint) Maintains continuous operation without using battery power during overvoltages to 477VAC, reducing output within 1% of nominal. Above this point, output is maintained utilizing reserve battery power
Grounding Lug Yes
Cold Start (Startup in Battery Mode During a Power Failure) Cold-start operation supported
High Availability UPS Features
Automatic inverter bypass; Hot swappable batteries; Auto Probe Monitoring (requires WEBCARDLX); Zero transfer time; On-Line/Double-Conversion
Green Energy-Saving Features High efficiency economy mode operation; Schedulable daily hours of economy mode operation
UPS Certifications CE
Certification Details EN 62040-2: 2006+AC: 2006
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