Roline High Quality VGA Cable with Ferrite Core

Roline High Quality VGA Cable with Ferrite Core, designed for use with monitors, personal computer, TV screens or laptops. These VGA cables are designed with an HD-15 connector (male) that carry analog video signals (no audio) and support high & low screen resolution.

Features and Benefits

• High quality cable to connect a monitor to a graphics card
• 3 coaxial cables for the RGB signals and 4 AWG 28 cores for the 2 sync. signals
• 2 extra ferrite cores to increase protection from interference
• Encased plug housing
• Double-shielded cable (mesh and foil shield)
• Hand attachment screws
• Cable with Ferrite Core

What is the difference between VGA and SVGA?

A video graphic array (VGA) cable carries analog signals and supports video resolutions up to and including 640 x 480 resolution. A super video graphic array (SVGA) cable carries analog signals and supports high-resolutions up to and including 800 x 600 resolution.

What’s the advantage of VGA?

• VGA supports low-resolutions
• Keep signals intact
• Thinner Cables
• Economical
• VGA are useful for short distances less than 10 metres

What is a ferrite core?

A ferrite core reduces noise and provide protection against unwanted RFI and EMI interference. Ideal for use with computers, display equipment and audio visual devices to filter out disruption.

Application Information

VGA cables are a vital component when setting up computers to monitors, projectors and high definition television sets. On laptop computers or other small devices a mini-VGA port may be required in place of the full-sized VGA connector.




VGA cable 3 Mtrs

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